Nov 16, 2023

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Chugai Receives the Best IR Award, the Greatest IR Improvement Premium Companies, and the Best Continual IR Efforts Premium Companies

TOKYO, November 16, 2023 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced that the company received the Best IR Award, the Greatest IR Improvement Premium Companies, and the Best Continual IR Efforts Premium Companies at the 2023 IR Award hosted by the Japan Investor Relations Association (JIRA), the only privately-run non-profit organization working for the proliferation and improvement of IR activities in Japan. The awards are presented to companies that have been highly accredited in the investment community for their deep understanding and promotion of IR activities.

The reasons for Chugai’s selection are as follows:

Best IR Award (Received in 2020 and 2023)

  • Chugai’s management assigns proper importance to IR and is engaged in dialogues with investors from a medium- to long-term perspective
  • Information disclosure has been enhanced, and the financial results briefing materials are reviewed with special attention given to ensuring that the materials are useful for earnings analysis
  • Chugai organizes various events for investors and seeks to always respond to the interests of the investment community through briefings on themes such as ESG and DX
  • Detailed explanations and responses to R&D-related subjects are meticulously provided, such as by providing follow-up information on medical/pharmaceutical-related professional or specialized organizations, and holding meetings devoted to knowledge on diseases and treatments, and research facility tours
  • The company’s forum for dialogues between outside directors and investors has also been evaluated

Greatest IR Improvement Premium Companies and Best Continual IR Efforts Premium Companies (Received these awards for the first time)

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the JIRA, the Judging Committee of the Best IR Awards recognized a member company of the JIRA as the JIRA 30th Anniversary Commemorative Award. The Award is especially given to a company which has continued IR activities over the medium- to long-term and has produced outstanding achievements in appropriate information disclosure and constructive dialogue with investors and shareholders. The Judging Committee has selected a company based on the screening results for the past 17 years from 2007 to 2023. Among the companies screened for this award, companies that have made efforts to improve IR and have consistently been highly evaluated by the committee members during the screening period are selected as Greatest IR Improvement Premium Companies. Companies that have continually applied for the Best IR Award during the period and have been recognized as continuing IR activities over the medium- to long-term are also selected as Best Continual IR Efforts Premium Companies. Chugai received the awards because it meets all of these criteria.

Chugai aims to become a top innovator in the healthcare industry for advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare. Chugai will continue its efforts to further enhance the IR activities by providing clear, fair and continuous information about not only the business activities but also activities related to the “creation of shared value” with society, including information on SDGs and ESG initiatives, and by emphasizing mutual communication with various stakeholders.


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