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Apr 08, 2021

Chugai Conducts Disease Awareness Activities Internally and Externally in Supporting the World Hemophilia Day following the Last Year

  • Setting up special corners in radio programs following the last year, including dialogues between specialists and radio personalities, to broadcast information to raise public awareness of hemophilia. Expand coverage nationwide
  • Created a tutorial manga for the dance video "Step by Step DANCE!" released last year so that children with hemophilia may acquire exercise habits while enjoying the story. Online version also made available
  • Holding a lecture for employees inviting people with hemophilia for the first time

TOKYO, April 8, 2021 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced that it introduces disease awareness activities both internally and externally following the last year, in supporting the World Hemophilia Day promoted by the World Federation of Hemophilia.

The World Hemophilia Day is a day that prompts the community solidarity of hemophilia and other congenital bleeding disorders, with the purpose of improving understanding of the disease and achieving better treatment. This year, a variety of activities are developed worldwide with the theme of "Adapting to Change." Chugai will be setting up radio programs including dialogues with medical specialists (6 districts throughout the country), has released a dance manga to learn exercise movements and enjoy the story at the same time, and will be holding a lecture for employees, inviting people with hemophilia.

Hemophilia is a disease in which the blood does not clot properly during bleeding due to a lack or deficiency of a blood clotting factor, taking time to stop bleeding. It is also known that repeated bleeding, especially in joints, can cause functional disorders. A growing number of people with hemophilia are now able to lead normal daily lives thanks to advancements in the treatment, and are recommended to carry out moderate physical exercises on a routine basis.

To improve the general public's understanding of hemophilia, on April 17, the World Hemophilia Day, radio programs will be broadcasted in six districts throughout the country, including a dialogue between specialists leading hemophilia treatment in each district and the radio personalities. In addition to providing basic information about hemophilia, Chugai hopes to deliver the message wishing people with hemophilia to live better and happier, and to encourage them to realize their dreams and ambitions. A hemophilia patient will also join the dialogue in Nippon Broadcasting System’s program.

Some children with hemophilia cannot find a way to start engaging in physical exercises because of their concerns on the risk of bleeding. To address this issue, Chugai created a dance video geared to children, aimed at helping everyone to simply start moving their bodies and engaging in physical exercises in 2020, and released it in “Smile-On,” a website for people with hemophilia and their families. This year, going one step ahead, Chugai has released a manga in which you can learn the dance movements while enjoying the story at the same time.

Step by Step DANCE! Cover

In addition, based on Chugai’s patient centric core value, a lecture for employees inviting people with hemophilia will be conducted for the first time, to deepen their understandings on the circumstances surrounding people with hemophilia, and to encourage individual actions.

Chugai aims to become a “Top Innovator in the healthcare industry” by 2030, with a vision of becoming “role model for the world” by leading in resolving social issues. Chugai will continue to create innovative drugs, and at the same time, consider what each employee can do to contribute to the well-being of patients, and continue to engage in disease awareness activities to advance the solution of social issues.

Radio broadcasting schedules:
The speakers and broadcasting schedules in each district on April 17, are as follows.

Broadcasting StationProgram/TimeSpeaker
The STVradio Broadcasting
“Akashi no Indesho Daisakusen”
Around 14:40
Dr. Toshiaki Oka
Sapporo Tokushukai Hospital
Tohoku Broadcasting
“Saturday in the Park”
Around 12:40
Dr. Atsushi Sato
Miyagi Children’s Hospital
Nippon Broadcasting System
(Kanto Area)
“Saturday Music Battle Hiroyuki Amano Route 930”
Around 13:20
Dr. Kagehiro Amano
Tokyo Medical University Hospital
Tokai Radio Broadcasting
(Chukyo Area/Aichi)
“Kyoji Kikuchi’s Lucky! DAY”
Around 9:36
Dr. Tadashi Matsushita
Nagoya University Hospital
Asahi Radio Broadcasting
(Kansai Area/Osaka)
“Kando Ryoko! I’m Ryoko Nakano”
Around 13:30
Dr. Yasuharu Nishida
Osaka National Hospital
Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting
“Megumi’s Radio”
Around 9:40
Dr. Michio Sakai
Munakata Suikokai General Hospital

“Step by Step DANCE!,” a dance video geared to children:
“Step by Step DANCE!” was created with supervision by Dr. Kenichiro Makino, a hemophilia rehabilitation specialist and head of Rehabilitation Center at the incorporated medical foundation Hamayu-kai Shinoji Hospital, and air:man, a choreographer who has choreographed numerous TV commercials. Last year Chugai released a dance video that children can enjoy exercising. This year, Chugai has released a manga content in which you can learn the movement of "Step by Step DANCE!" while enjoying the story.
The dance manga released in Smile-On is available here.



  1. About the World Hemophilia Day
    The World Hemophilia Day is a day that prompts the community solidarity of congenital bleeding disorders, including hemophilia, with the purpose of improving our understanding of the disease and achieving better treatment. It was enacted in 1989 by the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) in association with the birthday of its founder Frank Schnabel. Above all, “the Light It Up Red!” campaign is the most well-known activity relating to the World Hemophilia Day. On this day, landmarks in various countries are lit up in red by patient groups and other relevant WFH-member organizations, aimed at prompting as many people as possible to increase their understanding of, and interest in, the disease.
  2. About “Smile-On”
    Chugai opened “Smile-On” (, a website that offers information on daily life that may be useful for people with hemophilia and their families, and bring smiles to their faces. Information on radio dialogues by medical specialists, dance videos and manga for children are released in the website.


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