May 28, 2020

Chugai Starts Online Distribution of a Voice Drama Program “Katarisiennes” by ex-Takarasiennes to Encourage People in Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

  • The program will be distributed online on Chugai’s official YouTube channel once a week starting from June 1 (10 episodes in total)
  • 24 ex-Takarasiennes (Takarazuka actresses) and a director Mr. Akio Miki created the episodes from their homes.

TOKYO, May 28, 2020 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced today that it will start online distribution of “Chugai presents ‘Katarisiennes’ by ex-Takarasiennes,” a voice drama program (10 episodes in total) starring 24 ex-Takarasiennes on Chugai’s official YouTube channel from June 1.

Katarisiennes is a collaboration with Huuug, a general incorporated association with the ex-Takarasienne representative director Ms. Anji Hino, to encourage people under physical and mental stresses amid social restrictions due to the novel coronavirus. While the state-of-emergency declaration restricts people from going out, 24 ex-Takarasiennes including Ms. Jun Sena, an ex-top star of Takarazuka Revue, as well as prominent producers including Mr. Akio Miki, the director whose achievements are presented in the “Takarazuka Review Hall of Fame” where people who have greatly contributed to the development of Takarazuka Revue are introduced, have worked together to create the dramas from their homes. Masterpieces by Kenji Miyazawa, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare and other famous writers are adapted into an easy-to-listen format, and performed as well as original works to entertain many people including those less familiar with Takarazuka Revue. In addition, these voice dramas are delivered with illustrations by versatile illustrators; the background illustrations of the first and second episodes were drawn by Mr. Yoshinobu Ohmori, a one-stroke artist.

“Being full of anxiety due to the spread of novel coronavirus infection, I am very glad if these works will be any comfort to people,” said Huuug Association’s representative director, Anji Hino. “It takes a long time to recover from mental stresses. I want Katarisiennes to stay close to people’s hearts for a long time.”

Huuug will raise voluntary contributions through the program. All donations collected from viewers of the program will be given to Japan Kodomo Shokudo Support Center “MUSUBIE” that supports children’s cafeterias across the country.

Outline of the Voice Drama Program, “Katarisiennes”
Title: Chugai presents “Katarisiennes” by ex-Takarasiennes
Medium: Chugai’s official YouTube channel (Japanese only)
Cast: 24 ex- Takarasiennes including Jun Sena, Hiromu Kiriya, Kazuho So, Shio Suzumi, and Rurika Miya
Written and directed by: Akio Miki (Takarazuka Revue)
Producted by: Anji Hino (Huuug)
Supervised by: Ryosuke Ozawa
Background illustration: Yoshinobu Ohmori (one-stroke artist) etc.
Contents: Online distribution of voice dramas, messages from the casts, and videos about making of the dramas
Running Time: About 20minutes per episodes
Distribution Schedule: The first episode will be delivered at 21:00 on June 1, followed by one episode per week.
Official logo:

About Donations for Japan Kodomo Shokudo Support Center “MUSUBIE”
Financially struggling households have been increasing because business must be interrupted and parents are forced to leave jobs or take off from work due to temporary closure of schools and childcare facilities, in response to the spread of novel coronavirus infection. In “Katarisiennes,” Huuug will collect voluntary donations from the viewers to support children’s cafeterias, with the purpose of helping such families. All donations will be given to Japan Kodomo Shokudo Support Center “MUSUBIE.”
For more information, please see (Japanese only).

About Huuug
Huuug includes the meaning of accepting and hugging you just the way you are. Huuug is working on the “Narikiri Stage,” full-participation styled musical for children together with the ex-members of the Takarazuka Revue. The representative director Hino creates original musical shows including the “THIS IS ME,” presented by ex-Takarasiennes. Their main activities also include regional contribution activities such as supporting the reconstruction of the disaster region and sentiment education for children.
For more information, please see (Japanese only).


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