Feb 12, 2020

Chugai Joins the Consortium of Companies Promoting Anti-Smoking Efforts

  • Further promote in-house non-smoking activities by taking advantage of joining the Consortium of companies promoting anti-smoking efforts
  • Aim to achieve zero smoking by the end of 2030 in all group companies based on the Chugai Group Non-Smoking Declaration

TOKYO, February 12, 2020 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced that the company has joined the Consortium of companies promoting anti-smoking efforts.

The Chugai group believes that sound employee physical and mental health and a satisfying and rewarding work environment where all employees can do their jobs with enthusiasm are the foundation for growth. The Company has expressed both externally and internally that we would continue to work on the initiative for employee health and productivity management with a greater awareness in accordance with the Chugai Group Declaration on Health (issued in December 2017). Specifically, the following six priority items have been established in the area of employee health and productivity management: managing cancer, managing lifestyle-related diseases, managing mental health, managing “presenteeism,” improving health literacy, and managing workplace safety. As part of the initiative, Chugai issued the “Chugai Group Non-Smoking Declaration” in September 2019, in which we clearly stated that we would achieve zero smoking by the end of 2030 in all group companies both in Japan and other countries.

The Consortium of companies promoting anti-smoking efforts mainly led by 23 Tokyo-based companies and organizations was founded in April 2019 in cooperation with Tokyo Medical Association and Japan Cancer Society, specifically focusing on promoting in-house non-smoking activities. The common objective is to achieve the goal to reduce the smoking rate to 12% by 2022 in all participating companies and organizations. The goal is provided in the Basic Plan to Promote Cancer Control Programs (the 3rd term) decided by the Cabinet in March 2018.

Chugai has decided to join the Consortium advocating their intention; “Contribute to creating healthy society with no health hazards due to smoking and extending healthy life expectancy by communicating the importance of smoking cessation across the society through advanced non-smoking initiatives led by companies.” By joining the Consortium, we aim at further contributing to reducing health risks due to smoking among employees and creating healthy society to protect our beloved family members and people around us from passive smoking.

Chugai Announces Non-Smoking Declaration (Press release issued on September 25, 2019)


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