Apr 23, 2019

Chugai Redesigns the Website for Healthcare Professionals

  • Redesigned website “PLUS CHUGAI” launched for healthcare professionals
  • Newly created front pages for each job category to provide information responding to users’ needs
  • Developed members-only contents which allow timely provision of specialized information
  • Enhanced responsive design to offer smartphone user-friendly websites

TOKYO, April 23, 2019 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced today that the launch of its redesigned website for healthcare professionals “PLUS CHUGAI” (URL: https://chugai-pharm.jp/, Japanese only).

The website for healthcare professionals offers information to ensure proper use of products. It includes product and safety information, non-product information (including information about diseases and medical associations), and useful information for healthcare professionals to give explanation to patients.

The redesigned website aims to upgrade contents and enable efficient searching in response to online communication becoming a main source of information among healthcare professionals. Changes have been made in ways that make the site easier to view, easier to use, and easier to understand, as with the corporate website redesigned in October 2018.

In order to realize advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare, Chugai will continue to fulfill its responsibilities as a pharmaceutical company by ensuring proper provision of information that meets needs of healthcare professionals, as well as information necessary for proper use of products.

[Key features redesigned]

1. Created front pages for each job category

Purposes of searching information and degree of information required may differ depending on job categories. Therefore, we created front pages for each job category which allows efficient searching of necessary information.

2. Developed members-only contents

Contents and functions of the members-only site have been significantly expanded from the previous website with limited functionality. A recommender system has been implemented to ensure timely provision of proper information, responding to users’ and potential needs. Furthermore, systems to view online seminars and to request materials have been introduced to enhance user convenience.

3. Enhanced responsive design

Fifty-eight percent of accesses to our website for healthcare professionals are via smartphone (percentage calculated based on unique users in 2018). To respond to increasing diversity in users’ device environment, responsive design has been enhanced to make the website easier to view via smartphone, as well as PC.

[For reference] About the name of the website “PLUS CHUGAI”

The name indicates our wish for being connected with healthcare professionals and patients in a positive manner and giving positive effects on them.


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