Jul 26, 2018

Construction of a New Synthetic Research Building to Enhance Process Development for Small and Middle Molecule APls

TOKYO, July 26, 2018 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519, Chugai) announced today the decision to construct a new building for synthetic research at Ukima Research Laboratories (Kita-ku, Tokyo) to enhance the process development for small and middle molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

High-potency APIs (HPAPIs) have been accounting for an increasingly large portion of the discovery research of small molecule drugs produced through chemical synthesis. It is expected to play an important role in middle molecule drugs as well, for which Chugai is vigorously pursuing research as the third pillar of business following small molecule and antibody drugs.

In the new building for synthetic research, Chugai will expand its research facilities for HPAPIs to enhance the process development for small and middle molecule APIs. In order to ensure the safety of the environment and researchers, advanced containment technologies will be installed in the building and research equipment to prevent leakage and protect researchers from exposure to chemical compounds. Also, new equipment and instruments will be installed to improve research efficiency in addition to adopting a layout to expedite communication among researchers. By facilitating innovation and research productivity, Chugai aims to speed up the process development for new drug candidates that is becoming progressively more difficult.

“Given the industry’s intense competition to develop innovative drugs like middle molecule pharmaceuticals, it is very important to establish the manufacturing process for new drug candidates as soon as possible,” said Hiroshi Murata, Vice President and General Manager of Pharmaceutical Technology Division. “With enhanced HPAPI facilities, the new building for synthetic research will become a hub of Chugai’s process development ranging from early development to commercial production of new drug candidates. I hope that this building will play a great role in the development of our small and middle molecule pharmaceuticals.”

[Overview of the Ukima Laboratories]

  1. Location: 5-5-1 Ukima, Kita-ku, Tokyo
  2. Site Area: 31,323 m2
  3. Total Floor Area: 59,198 m2 *Includes the total floor area of the new building
  4. Business Activities: API manufacturing process research, product design (formulation and packaging) and production method research, facility design and research on production technology, analysis of the structure and physical properties of pharmaceuticals, and development of quality testing method

[Overview of Construction Plan of Synthetic Research Building at Ukima Laboratories]

  1. Start of Construction: October, 2018
  2. Completion of Construction: November, 2019
  3. Total Investment: 4.5 billion yen
  4. Completion of Building: January, 2020
  5. Start of Operation: January, 2020
  6. Construction Area: 985 m2 (six-story)
  7. Total Floor Area: 4,925 m2

[Conceptual Drawing of the Synthetic Research Building]


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