Nov 07, 2017

"AYA’s Life," a Website for Young Cancer Patients and Their Families, Undergoes Major Upgrade

- For the Future of Generation AYA Living with Cancer -

TOKYO, November 7, 2017 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced today that a major upgrade to "AYA’s Life (, Japanese only)" (editorial supervisor: Ken Shimizu, MD, Department of Psycho-Oncology, National Cancer Center Hospital), a website for adolescent and young adult cancer patients launched in March with the aim of "realizing cancer treatment that allows patients to confront cancer proactively and with hope."

AYA is the abbreviation of "Adolescent and Young Adult," which refers to adolescent children and young adults aged about 15 to 39 years. Cancer patients of this age group have difficulty in finding someone with the same disease or a place for consultation, and also difficulty obtaining information specific for Generation AYA because the number of cancer patients of this age group is smaller than older generations. Further, measures for Generation AYA cancer patients, such as providing information, consultation support, and employment support, were incorporated in the government’s 3rd term Basic Plan to Promote Cancer Control Programs.

In order to provide support to Generation AYA cancer patients in the form of information and to meet a greater diversity of needs, the "AYA’s Life" website has undergone a major renovation. The specifics are as follows:

"Advice from Professionals" Further Enhanced as "Generation AYA Q&A"

- With the cooperation of Kayoko Miyata from the Consultation, Counseling and Support Service Center of the National Cancer Center, and Akiko Higuchi of the Children’s Cancer Association of Japan, the site contains tips and answers to about 40 questions in nine categories (previously six categories)

- Advice from those who agreed to cooperate was newly posted under "Patient Experiences"

Newly Created Generation AYA Networking Page

- Relevant organizations are listed according to region as "Generation AYA Support / Relevant Organizations"

By utilizing those who actually consult with patients and their families to incorporate more tips and methods for handling situations and questions that Generation AYA patients are likely to have, the new website contents should help to resolve concerns and feelings of frustration. We sincerely hope that the networking information will prove useful to Generation AYA patients who are struggling to find others in the same situation or people they can talk to.

Staying true to our commitment at the time of its establishment to "resolve issues from the patient's perspective and originating with patients," Chugai will continue to add and update information to enhance the content of “AYA’s Life.”

Chugai, as the leading company in the oncology field in Japan, will continue to carry out activities that will be trusted and valued by healthcare professionals, patients, and their families.


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