Sep 11, 2017

Contribution of Para-transit Vehicles to Welfare Services

TOKYO, September 11, 2017 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced today to donate “specially-equipped para-transit vehicles” to five organizations providing welfare services to senior citizens and disabled people throughout Japan.

Chugai has continued this donation since it was started as a part of Chugai’s 60th anniversary in 1985, giving out vehicles that are used as a means of transport by elderly persons and physically disabled individuals who receive long-term nursing care at home. This is the 33rd year since we started donation, and the total number of vehicles has achieved 248 including annual donation of five wagon-type service cars in this year. Donation recipients have been selected from all the prefectures in Japan, in cooperation with Japan National Council of Social Welfare and Central Community Chest of Japan.

With the super-aged society and the advancement of healthcare technology, the number of senior citizens and disabled people requiring nursing care at home has been increasing every year. For these people to lead self-reliant lives with peace of mind in a familiar environment, a variety of in-home welfare services, including day services and day care, are being provided at various facilities. The specially-equipped para-transit vehicles which Chugai provides are used as a means of transportation between their homes and these facilities.

The vehicle donated by Chugai is a wagon-type van with a front seat capacity of two passengers (including a driver) and a rear seat capacity of up to four wheelchair passengers. Moreover, the vehicle is a type which allows loading of a stretcher with platform trucks, in addition to two wheelchairs. This facilitates loading and unloading of wheelchair passengers by a lift. In addition, the vehicle has two fixed seats and three foldable seats for caregivers’ use.

Chugai is committed to actively promoting social contribution programs in the fields of healthcare and welfare through these activities, as well as providing innovative pharmaceuticals as a business related to life.

Organizations Receiving Para-Transit Vehicle Donations in 2017

Akita Prefecture Oga City Council of Social Welfare
Yamanashi Prefecture Chuo City Council of Social Welfare
Toyama Prefecture Social Welfare Corporation Kaibou
Kochi Prefecture Kochi Seinan Welfare Association
Miyazaki Prefecture Shiiba Village Council of Social Welfare


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