Sep 01, 2016

Chugai Transfers the Manufacturing and Marketing Rights of VESANOID® to Fuji Pharma

TOKYO, September 1, 2016 -- Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) and Fuji Pharma Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4554) announced today that they agreed to transfer the rights to manufacture and market VESANOID ® (generic name: tretinoin, brand name: VESANOID ® capsule 10mg) in Japan for the indication of acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), from Chugai to Fuji Pharma effective on November 1, 2016.

VESANOID is an orally available vitamin A derivative for the treatment of APL developed by Roche. In Japan, VESANOID was designated as orphan drug by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, in 1993 and has been on the market since March 1995.

In order to ensure the constant supply of VESANOID, Chugai continues to distribute the product in the interim. Once all Chugai labeled products have been sold to the market, the distribution of Fuji Pharma labeled products will be implemented.

Chugai and Fuji Pharma will cooperate to accomplish a smooth transition of manufacturing and marketing of VESANOID, together by delivering products and their information meeting medical needs, as well as promoting the appropriate use of VESANOID.

In April 2016, the business transfer agreement for VESANOID to manufacture and market in Japan was concluded among Cheplapharm Arzneimittel GmbH, Roche and Chugai. Cheplapharm acquired the manufacturing and marketing rights of VESANOID in Japan and licensed out those rights to Fuji Pharma.

About Chugai Pharmaceutical
Chugai Pharmaceutical is one of Japan’s leading research-based pharmaceutical companies with strengths in biotechnology products. Chugai, based in Tokyo, specializes in prescription pharmaceuticals and is listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As an important member of the Roche Group, Chugai is actively involved in R&D activities in Japan and abroad. Specifically, Chugai is working to develop innovative products which may satisfy the unmet medical needs, mainly focusing on the oncology area. The consolidated revenue in 2015 of Chugai totaled 498.8 billion yen and the operating income was 90.7 billion yen (IFRS Core basis).
Additional information is available on the internet at

About Fuji Pharma
Fuji Pharma is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of new drugs, generic drugs and biosimilars. Besides the company is also active in the fields of medical care for women and acute medical care. In the women’s healthcare area, Fuji Pharma distributes a variety of new and generic drugs for gynopathy, aiming to become the leading company of the women medical care in the Japanese market, by supporting the health of women at a wide age range. In the acute medical care area, Fuji Pharma expands their brand mainly in the diagnosis and oncology field.
Fuji Pharma acquired OLIC (Thailand) Limited, the largest Thai Contract Manufacturing Organization in October 2012, which manufactures pharmaceutical products both in Toyama Plant in Japan and OLIC in Thailand. Especially having the strengths on manufacturing injection and hormonal products.
Fuji Pharma is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The annual consolidated revenues in 2015 is 31.6 billion Yen and the operating profit is 3.2 billion Yen. For more information please visit the site

About Cheplapharm Arzneimittel GmbH
CHEPLAPHARM is a family owned pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Germany and offering branded products on a global level. The company focuses on an internationally oriented Buy and Build Strategy. In close collaboration with its business partners, CHEPLAPHARM generates sustainable annual growth rates.
CHEPLAPHARM specializes in selected active substances and indications and commits itself to provide branded products of high quality and to guarantee continuous availability to its customers. Please refer to for additional information.

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