Feb 22, 2016

Chugai Receives Excellence Award
from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Cancer Project
as a “Company Providing Support to Employees to
Keep a Good Balance between Cancer Treatment and Work”

TOKYO, February 22, 2016 --Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) announced today that it has received “Excellence Award 2015” for recognition as a “Company providing support to employees with cancer to keep a good balance between treatment and work” from Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

This award is given by Tokyo Metropolitan Government as part of its cancer projects, aiming to promote and publicize the needs and significance of “keeping a good balance between treatment and work.” With this award, Tokyo Metropolitan Government expects to encourage companies to make effort to support employees with diseases including cancer to maintain a good balance between their treatment and work.

Chugai has been providing schemes such as “recuperation leave” and “long-term absence to treat non-work-related injury or illness,” so that employees with cancer may concentrate on their treatment, while securing employment. Current progress of cancer treatment enables shorter hospital stay or treatment by outpatient. Given this situation, in May 2015, Chugai revised the rule of “recuperation leave” to match the style of current treatment, and issued “Working Support Handbook for Cancer Patients” to inform the employees of various schemes which may support employees with cancer to keep working without anxiety.

“Based on the policy Employee safety comes before business performance, we are aiming to create working environment where employees will feel secure and motivated, through working on healthcare and safety management,” said Chugai’s Representative Director and Deputy Chairman, Motoo Ueno. “Keeping a good balance between cancer treatment and work is becoming critical to the whole society, and it is our corporate social responsibility as a healthcare related company to inform the society on what we are doing, while working to enhance what we do internally. We are committed to further advance with providing working environment where employees can work without anxiety.”

As a leading company in the oncology area, Chugai will work to implement cancer treatment that allows patients to confront their diseases proactively with hope, and further develop the working environment for employees receiving cancer treatment.


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