Exceeding Stakeholder Expectations Message from the Deputy Chairman

In an age of increasing uncertainty, we will meet the expectations of stakeholders by fusing economic performance,
social awareness and human development on a higher plane.
Motoo Ueno
Representative Director & Deputy Chairman Corporate Social Responsibility, Audit

One of the qualitative objectives of Chugai's fundamental goal of becoming a top pharmaceutical company is to be a “company that satisfies all its stakeholders and receives their active support and trust.”

We have received messages from experts in various fields. I am very grateful for their comments, which showed me first-hand the rising expectations and requests that people have for Chugai. At the same time, I recognize that further innovation and value creation will be necessary for us to fulfill our mission of contributing to the medical community and human health around the world.

The wide-ranging expectations for Chugai include creation of innovative new drugs, leadership in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, development of the next generation of young people and leaders, and co-existence with communities.
In a nutshell, we are expected to be a partner in resolving society’s problems.
As we strive for further innovation, it is important that we collaborate with all our stakeholders and deliver value to society.

Looking at the operating environment ahead, we will enter an age of extreme uncertainty marked by such trends as a declining birth rate and aging population, the growing need to contain healthcare costs, and the emergence of disruptive technologies. In such conditions, businesses should focus in particular on the qualitative aspects of management. Corporate growth is no longer defined by profit growth alone – it is also defined by its processes and quality.

At Chugai, we have developed and implemented management strategies based on the belief that our corporate value is a comprehensive product of our economic performance, social awareness and human development. We will place priority on fusing these three elements on a higher plane as we go forward.

Chugai's Concept of Corporate Value
Chugai's Concept of Corporate Value

In 2016, we established a global compliance system, enhanced the level of our human resources, took steps to advance healthy management, and promoted the linkage of productivity gains with diversity and inclusion and work-life synergy. These are all initiatives aimed at furthering the integration of economic performance, social awareness and human development. Our management team has visited all our business sites to share our envisioned future, strategies and values. We will remain focused on efforts such as these to help our organizations become more autonomous.

Chugai will continue to create value through its own evolution and through innovation to address a higher level of unmet medical need. We appreciate your ongoing support.

Raising the value of an organization by diverse employees accepting each other, respecting each other’s opinions and following their advice.
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Annual Report 2016
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