Clinical Trials Inquiries(Patients)

Inquiries from Patients

We will respond to inquiries during our working hours. Depending upon the details of the inquiry, an immediate response may not be possible and it may be necessary to respond by a telephone call rather than by e-mail. However, we will strive to respond to all inquiries. If no response is made to an inquiry, this may be due to a system failure, or to a mistake in the inquirer's e-mail address, etc. Our e-mail responses will be sent to the addresses of the individual inquirers. All the copyright of the contents our e-mail responses belong to Chugai Pharmaceutical. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable law.
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Chugai Pharmaceutical collects the above personal information for the legitimate interests of both Chugai website users and our company. The personal information collected is handled appropriately in accordance with the Chugai Pharmaceutical Privacy Policy.

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