Chugai uses integrated reporting to help stakeholders understand its vision for creating value over the medium to long term through continuous innovation, based on its business philosophy, “Innovation all for the patients.” This online annual report serves as an introduction.

I would like to know about Chugai. I would like to know about Chugai.

What are the characteristics that define Chugai? Here we present the values that are important to us and our thoughts on innovation. Recommended if you want to learn about Chugai for the first time.

Our Essence

This booklet features a distinctive design to summarize Chugai's essential qualities, such as the value it seeks to create for patients.

Chugai's Value
Creation Model

What makes Chugai unique? This section shows the complete picture of how Chugai goes about creating value.

Contents from Annual Report
  • Chugai's Stance on Sustainability
  • Creating Value with Stakeholders
  • Chugai's Value Creation Model
  • Deputy Chairman on Engagement with Society
  • Message from the CEO (Discussion)
  • Board of Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board and Executive Committee Members
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I would like to know more about Chugai’s growth strategy. I would like to know more about Chugai’s growth strategy.

The name of our three-year mid-term business plan, IBI 18, comes from the initials of our slogan, “Innovation Beyond Imagination.” 2018 is the final year of the plan. Here, senior managers talk about our company-wide strategies for further growth.

Message from the CEO (Discussion)

Chairman Osamu Nagayama, who led the company for a quarter-century since his appointment as President in 1992, and President Tatsuro Kosaka, who succeeded him as CEO in March 2018, deliver a message to shareholders in a discussion format.

Deputy Chairman on Engagement with Society

What is Chugai doing to help solve the issues facing society? Deputy Chairman Ueno presents Chugai’s views on sustainability.Please see the CSR section of the Chugai website for more detailed information on CSR activities.

CEO on Chugai's Strategy

President and CEO Kosaka discusses the progress of mid-term business plan IBI 18 and the outlook for 2018 and beyond.

Contents from Annual Report
  • Message from the CEO
  • Deputy Chairman on Engagement with Society
  • Overview of Mid-Term Business
    Plan IBI 18
  • CEO on Chugai's Strategy
  • CFO on Engagement with Investors
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I would like to know more about Chugai’s priority agenda. I would like to know more about Chugai’s priority agenda.

This feature focuses on six priority issues for enhancing corporate value. It details Chugai's aims and specific actions for helping address social issues, and offers the views of frontline employees.

Chugai’s Value Creation Model

Recent initiatives for each priority issue are presented in the words of five employees.

I would like to examine Chugai’s performance. I would like to examine Chugai’s performance.

“Financial and Non-Financial Highlights” shows major events, key performance indicators and results for the last 10 years. Here, we analyze Chugai by the numbers.

Financial and Non-Financial Highlights

In non-financial terms, indicators related to “work style,” such as percentage of male employees taking childcare leave and percentage of employees using the telecommuting system, have improved significantly, signifying our shift to a workplace environment based on diverse values.

Management's Discussion and Analysis

This section covers all the key points of Chugai's financial performance with graphs and charts to aid understanding.

Contents from Annual Report
  • Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
  • 10-Year Financial Summary
  • Management’s Discussion and Analysis
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
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I would like to know more about Chugai’s businesses. I would like to know more about Chugai’s businesses.

Here, we provide details about Chugai's initiatives by function: research, translational clinical research, development, production, marketing, medical affairs, drug safety, intellectual property, environmental, health and safety data, social contribution, and corporate communications.

Research and Intellectual Property

These sections are a bit technical, but give concrete examples of how Chugai uses its proprietary technologies. They also cover our proactive intellectual property strategy for defending our competitive advantage.

Social Contribution

In this section, we present our various social contribution programs, such as awareness-raising efforts and support for para-sports. We also participate in initiatives for global health.

Contents from Annual Report
  • Overview of Activities in 2017
  • Research
  • Development
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Medical Affairs
  • Drug Safety
  • Intellectual Property
  • Environmental, Health
    and Safety Data
  • Social Contribution
  • Corporate Communication
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I would like to learn more about Chugai’s products and development projects.

Here, we provide an overview of business performance by disease area and explain development projects and their progress. The development pipeline is an important indicator for judging the future prospects of pharmaceutical companies.

Review by Disease Area

This chart gives a quick view of Chugai's 2017 performance and key products in each disease area. We hope you find it easy to use.

Basic Information

We compiled this section for those who want to learn about our products and development projects in more detail, starting with an overview of the Japanese pharmaceutical market and basic knowledge on Japan's drug pricing system. Also included is a glossary of terms used in the report.

Contents from Annual Report
  • Review by Disease Area
  • Development Pipeline
  • Basic Information
  • Glossary
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