Apr 3, 2017

Warning against "Phishing" e-mails and social networking sites using the name of Chugai Pharmaceutical

Thank you for visiting our website.

Spam e-mails, or the so-called "Phishing" e-mails, have recently been sent to an unspecified number of people from individuals claiming to be affiliated with Chugai. Their aims are to illegally obtain personal information or commit a fraud.

Specifically, English-language e-mails claiming to be a job offer from Chugai attempt to get recipients to reply with their name, occupation, contact information, etc., thereby trying to scam recipients’ personal information. There also were cases where e-mails were sent with an attached document, written on a forged letterhead bearing our company name, and demanding recipients to pay a sum of money through a bank transfer.

If you receive any suspicious emails, do not, under any circumstances, respond to them by providing your personal information or transferring money to a bank.

In addition, please be aware that some third parties are operating and sending communications from social networking sites (SNS) that masquerade as an official Chugai site. SNS that Chugai is operating are as follows.


ID @chugai_cc



Other SNS are not operated by Chugai, even if they pretend to be or are suggestive of Chugai. Therefore, please note that any information published on those SNS does not originate from nor reflect the thoughts and opinions of Chugai.