RSS feeds

This Website provides update information by RSS (Rich Site Summary/Really Simple Syndication/RDF Site Summary), a contents distribution format using XML. RSS-compatible software called an RSS reader, or a service or browser compatible with RSS will be necessary for using this service.

What's RSS?

RSS is a technology that automatically delivers headlines, summaries and links to full articles immediately as websites are updated. RSS is commonly referred to as "Really Simple Syndication." RSS enables users to receive updates on fast-changing news and blog sites, alleviating the need to check each site individually. Chugai's website supports the widely used RSS2.0 standard.

If you have an RSS-enabled browser or RSS reader, you can simply add a feed to automatically receive information whenever there is an update. The process is typically simple, but details vary so consult the directions that accompany your browser or feed reader.

Getting an RSS Reader

  • RSS-compatible browser such as Internet Explorer (version 7.0 and up), Firefox and Safari (version 2 and up) OR an.
  • RSS reader, which may be web-based (such as Google Reader) or downloadable. There are also readers for mobile devices such as NetNewsWire for iPhone. Many, but not all, RSS readers are available as free applications.

For details about installation and usage, please refer to the documentation that accompanies these programs.

Note: Chugai Pharmaceutical does not endorse a particular browser or RSS feed reader. Nor is Chugai able to respond to inquiries regarding the use of RSS feeds, browsers or software, all of which can vary greatly depending on hardware, operating system, version and personal settings.

Regardless of the purpose, the reuse of content from the Chugai website is strictly prohibited. This content may not be embedded into blogs, uploaded to websites, incorporated into newsletters, redistributed through other media or otherwise reused.