Recruiting Information

Health Service Research Planning Officer

Background of recruitment:

To strengthen our pharmacovigilance activities.

Type of employment Regular employee.
Description of work

Description of work:

1) Formulating data utilization strategies in PV sector
2) Implementation of the task force plan planned in 1)
3) Publication activities of achievements achieved
4) Collaboration with external experts on HSR, HEOR, psychology, and behavioral science
5) Gathering information related to the utilization of IoT and AI related technologies such as digital devices and forming pipies with related parties

Position features:

Engage in activities to truly eradicate adverse reactions.
Opportunity to generate flexible ideas without being bound by exisiting requirements.

Required qualifications

Desired experience:

・Experience in planning or operationg a clear epidemiological study on a research question

・Project leader or task leader experience

・Presentation experience at academic conferences

Desired skills/knowledge/abilities:

・Project leader or task leader experience

・Presentation experience at academic conferences

Desired competencies:

・Actively learning with curiosity in new academic fields such as using digital devices

・In negotiations with outside experts and regulatory authorities, try to derive consensus building with high bargaining power

・Try to work with others through active communication

Place of business Main Office (Chuo Ward, Tokyo)
Hours Flex time system (core time: 11:30–13:30)
Salary To be decided in accordance with our criteria.
Application method

Please apply via the link below.
* We will not disclose applications to any third party.
* We will not use documents submitted by applicants for any purposes other than screening.

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