Recruiting Information

Clinical Data Engineer/Data Manager

Background of recruitment:
To cope with the business environment that changes dramatically, strengthen the capitalization and utilization of data by collecting, storing, processing, sharing, etc. all data related to clinical development. We will also continue to provide value to patients by contributing to the development of optimal clinical development strategies and continuing high-level clinical trials by constructing and managing the infrastructure that enables them, contributing to the development of optimal clinical development strategies. In order to do so, we will expand the human resources that will be responsible for clinical data management functions.
Type of employment Regular employees
Description of work
  • Data engineering business such as data collection, storage, processing, sharing etc. related to clinical development including real world data.
  • Planning, construction and operation management of systems and processes that enable data utilization.
Required qualifications
  • Experience or interested in engineering work such as collection, storage, processing, sharing of health care data.
  • Experienced in building IT environment as SIer and SE against data utilization issues in the healthcare field.
  • Those familiar with regulatory requirements (eg GDPR, individual information) on sharing of healthcare data and capable of communicating in English.
Place of business Main Office (Chuo Ward, Tokyo)
Hours Flex time system (core time: 11:30–13:30)

To be decided in accordance with our criteria.

Application method Please apply via the link below.
* We will not disclose any application to any third party.
* We will not use documents submitted by applicants for any purposes other than screening.
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