SMART-Ig® (Sweeping Antibody®)

The Sweeping Antibody® is a Recycling Antibody® that has been further engineered to bind to FcRn at neutral pH. Accordingly, when the target is a soluble antigen present in plasma such as cytokine, the antigen bound to the antibody is actively taken up into the cell by FcRn. This accelerates the turnover rate of antigen degradation, enabling the antibody to eliminate, or sweep, the antigen from plasma. In addition, by modulating the binding affinity for FcRn to modify the turnover rate, the sweeping antibody can be customized with properties appropriate to the antigen or disease it targets.

With these characteristics, a Sweeping Antibody® can be administered in smaller doses with a longer dosing interval that cannot be achieved by conventional antibodies, and it is can antagonize antigens present in large amounts in plasma that cannot be antagonized by conventional antibodies. Moreover, even if it does not block an antigen’s activity by binding with it, a sweeping antibody can be effective by directly eliminating antigens from plasma, giving it potential for a wide range of applications in medicines.

Effect of Sweeping Antibody® on Soluble Antigen
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