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Contribution to Cancer Care:1. Stakeholder Dialogue Realizing cancer treatment that allows patients to confront their disease proactively and with hope

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, with about 40,000 cases diagnosed each year in Japan. Chugai invited two people closely involved in this field, Dr. Seigo Nakamura and Ms. Misako Togashi, to talk with Akio Tanaka, head of Chugai's Oncology Unit, about current and future issues in cancer treatment and Chugai's role in realizing patient-centered cancer care.
Moderator: Fumihisa Oshimi, Director, Link Investor Relations Inc.

Contribution to Cancer Care:2. Promotion of CHUGAI ONCOLOGY Working to make Chugai synonymous with oncology

Launches of new products, the introduction of additional indications and a growing product lineup have made Chugai the number-one provider of anti-cancer medicines in Japan. With this success come higher expectations from society. To become a true leader in cancer treatment, we have begun various initiatives to develop CHUGAI ONCOLOGY into the strongest, most trusted brand and to make Chugai synonymous with oncology.

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